Our services are our major strength. We make sure that our customers receive the best possible treatment from the moment they ask for prices or samples until the delivery and arrival of goods at destination.

Here is a brief description of the services we provide.

Research and development of new suppliers : We have one of the largest textile suppliers database in India and know which suppliers can best make what product. Nevertheless, we are continually searching for new suppliers and working with those that have high potential to make them successful exporters. We also work with our suppliers to make the necessary changes and adjustments when factory audits and inspections are required.

Price negotiation : In most cases, we quote the same item with at least 3 suppliers to verify costs. We also keep track of all prices paid in the past and make this available to buyers during negotiations. Due to the large volumes and strong relationship that we have with our manufacturers, our customers receive special rates and capacity allocation.

Placement of orders / order confirmations : Orders are checked and fully translated into the local language before sending to suppliers for confirmation. We also make sure that there is enough production capacity available to meet the desired delivery date as well as the necessary financial resources to back it up.

Development of samples and accessories : Our account managers follow all the steps involved in samples and accessories development and shipment. They check everything before sending to customers for approval.

We have also an extensive network of suppliers for the textile industry: package printers, labels and tags manufacturers, to allow for fast and reliable development processes.

Fabric and product testing : We have an in-house lab to make shrinkage, crocking and shade bands tests. We also use independent labs for more elaborate tests, depending on each requirement. Besides this, we work with manufacturers to implement and follow specific testing procedures at every level of production.

Follow-up of production : For every order, we create a critical path plan with the factory to ensure that everybody understands and is in accordance with all the critical dates and deadlines to be met. Our account managers and QC people then follow this with regular visits to the plants, checking and resolving in advance any possible problem that may affect delivery.

In-line and final quality inspection : Assist has an experienced team of QC inspectors that perform in-line and final audits. Both audits are performed with AQL Standards.

Transportation and logistics management : Usually containers are loaded at the manufacturer site, with the supervision of our people. We work with air and sea carriers to find the best choices to move goods at every occasion. We have agreements with the most important liners. Our proximity to North America and Europe allow us to have goods delivered by sea in 10 to 20 days from port to port.

After shipment, we send a Shipment Advise Notice.

Document verification : We verify all documents in details to make sure the comply with L/C requirements before they are sent to the bank or customer.

Customer Reports :

We provide 3 reports on-line to our customers : Strike-off report that shows all developments in samples and accessories developments. Delivery Report that details status of expected deliveries and shipments by order. Shipment Advise, a report that shows details of all shipments made.